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Hiring a Worker can be traumatic, daunting, and stressful. That is why at LifemaideasyPH, we give a keen eye on the recruitment and hiring process. We strive to ensure that only “qualified” candidates are accepted into LifemaideasyPH with necessary clearances both for security and health purposes.

We put the utmost value on the trust that you are giving to us and in return, we are making ways to improve the way we work and the services we provide. One way we do this is by paying close attention to your views and feedback as we are in constant pursuit of service excellence.

Feel free to contact us should there be anything you believe that can better shape our service: feedback@lifemaideasyphcorp.com

With some agencies, I only get one replacement within 30 days. Thereafter, I will have to pay for the agency fee again. Do you have the same policy?

We understand that we are dealing with different people from diverse backgrounds: sometimes the reason for the replacement is not really client-initiated. With this in mind, if you avail of our Basic and Standard Package, our contract now comes with UNLIMITED & FREE replacements within the entire duration of the replacement period without having to pay for the replacement fee and agency fee.  Premium charge (for provincial applicants) however, applies whenever applicable.

Can we also get our money back just in case we are not happy with the candidate?

All fees and charges are strictly non-refundable EXCEPT for the agency fee and ONLY UNDER THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCE: If LifemaideasyPH fails to provide a replacement after 30 days from the WRITTEN request for the replacement, we shall refund you a maximum of 75% of the LifemaideasyPH
fee via check payment and will be released within 45 days from refund approval and submission of the refund requirements. Take note however that the Refunds provision is only applicable during the first 30 days of the contract of the ORIGINAL / FIRST Worker.

Do we have to pay for anything in the event that we are not happy with our Worker and ask for her replacement?

We understand that hiring a Worker is a hit-and-miss process. Hence, all new contracts for Basic and Standard Packages now come with UNLIMITED & FREE replacements as part of our thrust to give you the best customer experience. As we never can guarantee if the first Worker we endorse will automatically and successfully integrate into your home, we give UNLIMITED FREE replacements within the replacement period until you can find the right help for your family.

Are we obliged to enroll our Worker in SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig and give 13th month pay?

Yes. In compliance with the KASAMBAHAY LAW, it is now mandatory to enroll our Worker in these programs starting on her 2nd month from employment. For salaries below ₱5, 000, the premiums shall be 100% shouldered by the employers. Likewise, 13th-month pay and paid vacation leaves should also be accorded to them. Violations to these provisions shall merit automatic cancellation of our contract and forfeiture of the right to request for replacement without prejudice to possible legal remedies.

How soon can you provide for a replacement? With my previous experience, it was such a nightmare!

Up to 30 days – If you immediately turn over the Worker to LifemaideasyPH upon request for replacement or if the Worker ran away or did not return from a day off.

Up to 45 days – If you keep the Worker while the replacement request is being processed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Request for immediate replacement will not be entertained.

Do you re-deploy Workers who have been previously replaced by their former employers?

It depends on the circumstance and reason for their replacement.  Reasons such as unsatisfactory performance, attitude problems, the poor working relationships can be very subjective.  Sometimes, they could also be attributed to the way the Workers are treated.  Hence, they can be re-deployed after re-orientation of their responsibilities and obligations and relaying feedback from their previous employers.  However, they can likewise be terminated if they are proven to have been infected by a serious communicable disease or have committed theft.

The candidates I may be hiring might have contagious diseases. How do you go about it?

Your family’s health should not be compromised.  We know that there are certain diseases that are asymptomatic.  The person may appear very healthy but only to find out she’s already a carrier.  As part of our company SOP, all candidates are guaranteed to have undergone select medical screening prior to deployment as part of the contract.  Built-in medical screening includes Chest X-ray and Hepatitis B Screening. Please be advised, however, that these tests may not still guarantee our candidate’s physical and mental fitness for the job.  We strongly suggest having her undergo another series of tests of your choice at your expense this time.  Replacement Workers will likewise be subjected to the same medical standard at no additional costs to you.  

Are your services as well as the Workers deployed to us guaranteed to be of high quality?

We live by our business mantra: No false hopes, no broken promises.  Hence, we cannot guarantee that our Workers will be able to meet your expectations and so are our services, our company and our staff as quality can be very subjective.  But we are proud to say that our business is primarily based on repeat clients and referrals.

How can we get in touch with you for any after-placement concerns?

At LifemaideasyPH Corporation, we give priority to our clients and applicants who may have some after-placement issues and concerns.  We have a dedicated team of professionals who are trained to address whatever issues you may have within the bounds of our contract.  For us to better understand and document your concerns, After-Placement Support or any other customer service-related issues must be done via email. With this process, everything is well-documented, time-stamped, can be retrieved and archived for future reference.  We can likewise avoid our words-against-your-words argument, miscommunication, and misunderstanding. Moreover, the management is monitoring all company emails to check if you have been promptly, correctly, and professionally responded to.  Concerns relayed via calls and text messages may not be officially logged, prioritized, and attended.

Are you liable should in the rare case, the Worker run away, commit theft, etc.?

No. Your family’s safety is a shared responsibility.  Be advised and informed that LifemaideasyPH Corporation, its management, and staff, is not held liable, whether civilly and /or criminally, for the acts of the Worker or from any damage arising out of, or resulting from, the acts, whether direct or indirect, of the Worker, including but not limited to theft, debt, damage to property, accident, injury inflicted on the Worker or the employer or any other person, sickness of the Worker or loss of life of the Worker, the employer, or member of his or her family or household, or any other persons during or after the contract period. The Worker is solely responsible for his/her actions.  LifemaideasyPH will act as a mediator only if such incident happens within the contract period AND upon request of the proper authorities. However, if this so happens, contact us immediately so we can forward to you soft copies of their original documents, biometrics, pictures, sketches of their homes, among others. However, we suggest taking extra precaution as their attitude, personalities, behaviors as well as their plans, motives and future intentions are beyond the gauge and control of LifemaideasyPH.  There are always risks.  Hence it is likewise your responsibility to re-scrutinize the documents of the Worker being forwarded to you, interview her on the phone and in person at the office to ensure your full satisfaction and if your expectations are met by the Worker and LifemaideasyPH prior to hiring her and signing our contract.

Does LifemaideasyPH accept offers for mergers and acquisitions from potential business investors?

Through the years, we are humbled by the constant offers of interest to acquire the business. Whilst we are not proactively selling the business but we are not closing our doors either. Proudly, LifemaideasyPH enjoys a robust financial standing due to the management’s overall prudent fiscal management.

For investment-related interest, one may email its intent to:

Subject: Letter of Interest | Investment

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