HIRING a maid through a local maid agency?  You may be off to a good start but it simply isn’t enough.

Helpful tips to put the crooks at bay:

✅ Ask for PEA License Number from DOLE including the office address, landline, and mobile.

*A DOLE-Licensed agency is required to have a physical office with a working landline and mobile.

✅ Never rely on phone or video interviews without first receiving via email the profile (biodata), picture and requirements of the candidate.

*This is to ensure that the applicant you are being interviewed is legitimate and you can cross-check the information found in the documents and requirements against the information gathered through the interviews.

✅ Don’t be swayed by too-good-to-be-true agency fees and salary.

*Cheap is not always good, most of the time.  The average agency fee by a DOLE-licensed agency is between P8, 000 and P12, 000, depending on the package inclusions.  The average salary is between P7, 000 and P15, 000 depending on the applicant’s skills, qualifications, experience, and workload in the household.

✅ Never make payments via Kwarta Padala, especially with a PREPAID mobile number. All maid agencies have bank accounts either under the name of the company or its owner.  

*A lot has fallen prey to believing that they hit the jackpot for being able to “hire” maid for such a fraction of what legitimate agencies charge.  Remember:  Being sending your hard-earned money, follow your intuition.  You may demand a video interview of the maid and the “agency representative” inside their so-called “office” so you can further check its legitimacy.

✅ Watch out for RED FLAG statements  (false hopes) such as:

*”Maam, this applicant is honest, hardworking, trustworthy, blah blah blah.”

REMEMBER:  No one can ever assure and guarantee the performance and attitude of the maid since these are personal and can be very subjective.  We can never control their future intentions. The role of the agency is simply to MINIMIZE THE RISKS by:

¹requiring the applicants to produce the security clearances (Brgy, Police, NBI Clearance, & Photo-bearing  government-issued ID) and

²subjecting the maid to some select medical package like Chest X-ray and Hepatitis B.  

Legitimate maid agencies also include replacement and refund provisions in their contracts.

LifemaideasyPH uses unique processes to ensure that your needs are identified, your maid is the right fit, and that she will successfully integrate into your family. When it comes to finding the right helping hand for your family, Choose the right maid agency. Choose #Lifemaideasyph

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